You're too Attractive

January 01, 2020

I am always confused about how to behave beside you. Your lovely face will be both a reason and a cause. How it is possible that just because of a face, it makes a man unable to act. To be nervous, or even unquiet.

"You are very pretty. Even, too attractive…”

That is my opinion, but other men I think, would say the same thing. Your two eyebrows are thick, covering your sparkling eyelids. Also your nose, there is really no doubt. If I may joke, perhaps it is the most beautiful nose in the world.

All of that beauty is not entirely demonstrated by you. You are too smart to make me curious. Your long veil wraps around the hair, making it to be special to look at. Oh, how comely everything you have.

I once imagined to have you. Hoping that you will make me a cup of tea in the morning, prepare breakfast for the two of us, and when I get home from work, you are the only one I go to as soon as possible, not the others.

However, in fact, I am terrified to fantasize those again. I worry that your beauty will be a barrier between me and my Lord. Your face will distract my solemn worship. Until, just because I do not want to lose you, then I depend my life on you, not on the Creator.

I was so afraid of that episode to be happening. Even though I dodged, I still could not lie that you are extremely beauteous. So exquisite. Too gorgeous. In my reverie, I was stunned by the sentence, "God does not test a person above his capacity. If her beauty is a test, then God surely knows that you can get through it. Be thankful, may God give you abundant blessings. "

I am still sitting here, watching you from a far. Your gorgeousness is absolute, then I am determined to surely approach you.

Lord, if she is my soul mate, then bring her closer. However, if not, then keep her away…

Idham PM | Sketsastra 2020
#The illustration is cited from here.