Menjadi Lelaki

December 25, 2013

How the way to be a real gentleman?

Pertanyaan itu pernah meluncur dari bibirku ke seseorang. Dia, langsung saja bercerita akan apa jawab dari pertanyaan di atas. Darinya, aku dihujam banyak pernyataan baru, yang membuatku tahu, bagaimana menjadi lelaki utuh.

“A boy speaks, a gentleman acts,” pungkasnya. Bahkan, setelah kalimat tadi, mulutnya menjadi-jadi, menjejalkan rangkaian frasa yang mau-tak-mau harus aku perhati.

So, what is the meaning of being gentleman?

“A guy is a boy by birth, a man by age, but a gentleman by choice.”

“Boys have swagger, men have style, and gentlemen have character.”

“A gentleman is one that apologizes anyways even though he has not offended a lady intentionally. He knows the value of a woman's heart.”

“A gentleman is someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do.”

“A gentleman never stop trying to show a girl how much she means to him, even after he's got her.”

“A gentleman accepts your past, supports your presents, loves you and encourages your future.”

“A gentleman is not simply full of sweet talk. Prove to her, you're a man and live the words you speak.”

“A gentleman only lies to his woman if it involves surprising her.”

“A gentleman never breaks a promise.”

“A gentleman won't to persuade you with his words, he will reassure you with his actions.”

“A gentleman wouldn't give another girl more attention than his girlfriend.”

“A gentleman's patience is timeless.”

“Never make a girl fall for you if you don't intend to catch her.”

“How a man treats his mother and sisters is an indication of how he will treat the woman he loves.”

So, do you wanna be a real gentleman?
Let’s see and just prove it!